Bonus Episode – The Ultimate Guide to Tax Filing

The ins and outs of the self-assessment before the January 31 deadline

With nearly 11 million people in the UK set to file their income tax returns by January 31, are you dreading the annual nightmare – or have you already licked it? In this bonus episode of Money Clinic, we answer any tax filing questions you wanted to ask. With more people starting side activities and small businesses during the pandemic, how much more income do you need to earn before you have to file a return?

Presenter Claer Barrett explains how apps can make the whole process easier and whether it pays to hire an accountant. Additionally, she explores how freelancers can legitimately reduce their bills by claiming tax-deductible expenses or negotiating extra payment time. Jacquetta Brown, tax specialist at HM Revenue & Customs, and Chartered Accountant Deborah Edwards, who runs the Raised Up Finance financial mentorship program, are on hand to demystify the lingo and identify sources of help.

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