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Compare your insurance Covea Risks with the best offers

Compare your insurance Covea Risks with the best offers

A subsidiary of the AMM group, Covea Risks specializes in the insurance of companies, professionals and individuals. The group offers tailor-made insurance packages for all personal insurance needs.

Unlock the cheapest protection with the underwriter

Unlock the cheapest protection with the underwriter

Its offer makes it possible to present a global solution on the protection of goods and people. With its experience, Covea Risks is the 3rd largest insurance group in Metropolitan France. For individuals, professionals, businesses, communities and associations, Covea risks is a multi-specialist mutual insurance group.

Customized insurance coverage with Covea Risks?

The group insurance contract of the bank is often not the most suitable for the situation of the borrower. By opting for an individual insurance external to the bank, you will benefit from guarantees established according to your individual borrower profile and will thus be better covered!

Pay less with an individual loan insurance

Pay less with an individual loan insurance

If you are young and healthy, you can get loan insurance at a much better rate than the bank’s group contract. The choice of a delegation of insurance can indeed allow you to save up to 20 000 euros on the total cost of a mortgage.

By using a loan insurance broker, you can optimize your credit through the choice of an individual loan insurance. The broker Arthur can negotiate for you the best tariffs of the market.

Loi Lagarde real estate loan + insurance

The law allows the ban to banks to impose their insurance “house”, they must now:

  • Accept loan insurance delegation if the contract includes equivalent guarantees
  • Clearly show the reasons for a refusal of outsourced assurance delegation
  • Do not increase the loan rate in case of a delegated individual insurance

Murcef law loan real estate + insurance

  • The Murcef device is the ancestor of the Lagarde law, and aims to simplify the relationship between the bank and the borrower, the “loan-related sales / loan insurance” are prohibited as loan insurance.
  • The bank can no longer impose an increase in the credit rate if you choose the delegation of insurance.

Make a quote request using the insurance comparator loan and find the best credit insurance contract to guarantee the coverage of your loan!


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