Employee Retention Rebate Application and Tax Credit Eligibility Verification Update

Employers can use a newly updated ERTC refund application and no-cost eligibility check launched by Evolved ERC to maximize their tax credits whether or not they have PPP loans, and whether those loans have been forgiven or not.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) has been updated several times, and many employers are no longer sure if they are eligible for rebates. A recently enhanced eligibility and relief fund application tool launched by Evolved ERC can help employers maximize their rebates, by providing them with an additional rewards program not available from other companies.

For more information on ERTC eligibility and the employee rewards program, visit https://lnkm.io/ERC-NEWS

Evolved ERC has updated its application process to help employers claim their maximum allowable rebate, even if they were not eligible under the original ERTC guidelines. Their rebate program is available to all employers with 500 or fewer full-time W-2 employees with no upfront cost and no risk.

Employers can determine if they qualify for a rebate using the Advanced ERC Eligibility Assessment, which can be completed in about a minute by answering a few simple questions. The evaluation does not require any proprietary commercial information and is available free of charge and without obligation.

Eligible employers can receive help from ERTC specialists to calculate their maximum rebates for the entire duration of the ERTC program or only for the specific fiscal quarters in which they are eligible. Evolved ERC will also provide assistance with completing and filing paperwork, as well as tracking tax credit refunds.

The Rebate Service helps employers who were ineligible under the original ERTC guidelines due to having too many employees or being enrolled in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Unlike PPP, ERTC rebates are not a loan, never need to be repaid, and have no restrictions on how they can be spent.

Evolved ERC’s employee rewards program is advertised as an additional employer option, at no cost to the company, and allows staff members to donate to a charity of their choice. Studies have shown that helping employees support causes they believe in can increase pride in their work and loyalty to the company.

While individual rebates vary, Evolved ERC has helped customers claim rebates ranging from a few thousand dollars to nearly $3 million. There is no risk in using the eligibility assessment or reimbursement service; any employer who is not eligible or does not receive a discount will not be charged.

More information on applying for ERTC refunds with PPP loans is available at https://lnkm.io/ERC-NEWS

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