Enter your tax refund and this calculator will tell you where to go on vacation

Each year, the boredom of filing your taxes (hopefully on time) carries with it the promise of a more substantial reward than the mere satisfaction of doing your civic duty. We are, of course, talking about tax refunds. While some people use those government-given dollars to splurge on massive LEGO sets or equally expensive novelty items, others prefer to spend the money on vacation.

Where you go is up to personal taste and the size of your refund – and travel agency Kayak has created a handy calculator to help you plan the perfect getaway. Like Travel + Leisure reports, the calculator is a spin-off of Kayak’s classic online trip planner. You choose the city (or even the airport) you are departing from, exact dates or a general date range, and a target region. It can be as specific as a single city or as open as “anywhere”. For common ground, you can always just enter a continent. Add your tax refund and Kayak will tell you where to check.

As well as displaying flight options and their price trends, the tool also includes information about the destination itself: what it’s known for, top reasons to visit it, must-see sights, and more. Army buffs, for example, might vacation in Halifax, Nova Scotia, because Citadel Hill has a historic past as a key British stronghold dating back to the mid-18th century. Their pub-loving buddies might want to join them: according to Kayak, “Halifax is home to a thriving brewing culture” and “you need to spend at least an afternoon or evening in a pub.”

If a tropical beach, foodie metropolis, or other type of vacation is quicker, feel free to funnel your tax refund there. You can explore the Kayak Calculator on your own here.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]