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At any stage of life we ​​may need some extra money. Whether for an interesting program, a weekend getaway or to solve some unforeseen event, we can get personal credits online . Retirees and pensioners are not left out of this scheme: some companies offer quick cash without the need for bureaucracy.

We tell you how to access loans for retirees and we give you some ideas to take advantage of the money in the best way.


Loans for retirees

retirement loan

Obtaining personal credit no longer means making endless lines in banks and presenting dozens of documents. Today, retirees and pensioners can access a loan through the internet, in secure places. We tell you how to do it step by step and in detail.

  • Site: The first thing we should do is enter the recommended site.
  • The amount: once there, what we must do is establish the amount we need. If we want to make a getaway we may need to put together a budget before asking for the money but if it is an unforeseen event we can request the exact amount.
  • Registration: then, we must register and complete a short form with our personal and bank information. All data will be confidential. This information is essential for the loan to be granted quickly but surely.
  • Confirmation: if the request is approved, you will receive a notification on your site profile, by email or through a text message, whichever is most convenient for you. Once the process is completed, the requested money will be transferred to your bank account.


Activities for young retirees

pension loan

Having so much free time once we retire can be disconcerting. After spending our entire lives busy, both outside and inside the house, we found the opportunity to do everything we postponed for years.

Staying active is essential to keep pace and take care of your health. We give you some activities for young retirees .

  • Courses: After spending years training only in what was profitable we can finally attend classes on what we like most. We can take the most diverse courses either face-to-face or virtual. Learning is one of the most beautiful things in life and doing it without troubles or pressures can be fantastic.
  • Workshops and crafts: if we have a more practical approach, we can carry out a workshop. Painting, dance, pottery, gardening, carpentry, whatever we can think of. We can take the time to improve in some activity. The good thing is that if we need some cash to buy the materials, we can access the aforementioned online loans and boost our new hobby.
  • New technologies: if you want to keep up to date with the latest advances, you can spend a few hours a day to learn how to use social networks or web services. There are different free courses but if we want something more personalized we can pay one with the credit.


Benefits for retirees

Benefits for retirees

Reaching the retirement age allows us to access the most diverse discounts and benefits.

  • Retired and pensioned centers: maintaining integration with other retirees is essential to generate a containment network and achieve emotional stability. In addition, they are places to learn and entertain.
  • Shows: if the retirement centers do not give us what we want, we can access the discounts offered by the different shows. Whether cinema or theater, most shows throughout the country offer preferential rates for senior citizens.
  • Gastronomy: some restaurants offer a discount for retirees and pensioners. We can use these reductions to try new foods. Even some supermarkets offer a reduced rate for the elderly.


Travel for retirees

Travel for retirees

Another great way to enjoy retirement is traveling. Unlike previous years, now we don’t have to worry about when we have vacations or stress about getting affordable prices in peak season. Exploring new places, taking tours through cultural spaces such as museums or exhibitions, can be very rewarding.

In addition, many travel agencies and airlines offer rates adapted to retirees and pensioners so we can pay a large part of the trip with a personal loan if we need it. We suggest some places to visit throughout the country.

  • Tandil: this Buenos Aires city located between the mountains is ideal for a short break. The rural architecture is accompanied by a natural framework of beauty and excellent gastronomy. There are cabins, hotels, spas and restaurants at affordable prices.
  • Navarro – Mercedes – Suipacha: a different circuit to get to know some of the oldest grocery stores and eat some of the best cheeses in the country. You can make base in any of the three places and travel with the car the others. In addition to gastronomy and history, we can enjoy the architecture of the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Cathedral and the old Buenos Aires rooms.
  • San Antonio de Areco: on the banks of the Areco River, this town emanates history and gaucho tradition. The Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum, the Criollo Park, the Las Lilas de Areco Museum that has works by the Argentine illustrator Florencio Molina Campos, the nearby cobbled streets that surround the Ruiz de Arellano square and the San Antonio de Padua church are some of the points worth visiting.
  • Termas de Río Hondo: Another super recommended destination for retirees and pensioners is the Termas de Río Hondo in Santiago del Estero. This a tourist city next to the Dulce River, is famous for its hot springs which are believed to have therapeutic properties. There are different packages for retirees and even companies that set up groups for those who prefer to travel accompanied.
  • Villa de Merlo: Located in San Luis at the foot of the Sierras comechingones, Villa de Merlo houses a little known beauty. The viewpoint of the Sun and the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary are jewels that deserve to be discovered.

Retirement is an opportunity to do many of the things we always wanted and could not attend to responsibilities or lack of time. There are discounts or benefit programs for the elderly and we can always access credits for retirees if necessary. It is time to enjoy, give us permission and rest.

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Quick personal credits to train you Thu, 07 Nov 2019 07:57:06 +0000

In recent years, changes in the labor market have accelerated vertiginously. New technologies impacted each work area and more and more people need to update their knowledge to maintain their position or get promoted. However, many of the best training courses can be expensive and you need to get fast personal credits .

The good news is that education is an investment, so everything we spend on it will be recovered in the form of better salaries (for this it is key that we know how to negotiate the increase) and therefore more comfortable positions. There are courses for all disciplines. We tell you how to take advantage of them.


Professional training courses

Professional training courses

As changes in the different work areas are accelerated, some university careers run the risk of losing validity too quickly. That is why one of the best alternatives to keep up with the changes are professional training courses.

The courses have the advantage of being short, fast and cheaper than university careers. However, the best may have a difficult cost to pay if we are out of work or expect a promotion. Luckily, we can turn to a fast personal credit through the web and start leading our career.


Administration training courses

Administration training courses

To achieve the necessary knowledge in the administrative area we no longer need to have a master’s degree. There are different courses related to the field that we can take advantage of and we don’t even need to move from our house. The University of Buenos Aires offers different courses in Administration and Accounting that we can do online or in face-to-face version if we prefer.

Some of the administration training courses are:

  • Salary Settlement Course
  • Accounting Assistant Course
  • Bank teller and financial institutions course
  • Administrative Assistant Diploma
  • Executive Secretarial Course

The cost is not high compared to the benefits that may result from training. Some last less than a day and others a few more weeks, but none take more than four months. In addition to the UBA, there are many entities that offer a similar service to improve our knowledge.


Teacher training courses

Teacher training courses

The teaching field is unlike any other. In them is the responsibility of shaping the next generations and their training is very important. Most provincial governments offer free online courses for the entire country.

There are several about new digital skills to learn and be able to train children in the field of technology. There are also several on educational management for those who want to leave the classroom and get fully into the field of planning. On the other hand, we can find some that help us deal with everyday classroom problems such as bullying.

Some of the teacher training courses are:

  • Digital Communication
  • Communication and new technologies
  • Education Management
  • Game and school knowledge
  • Bullying, grooming and human trafficking

But in addition, there are availability of classroom courses in most cities of the country. Some have cost but allow access to management positions in schools. These are interesting proposals that deliver certification.


Sales Training Courses

Sales Training Courses

The technology had a huge impact on the sales area. A smile is no longer enough to reach our customers and we need to develop computer skills and social media management.

  • Some sales training courses we can do are:
  • Marketing and digital sales course
  • Community Manager course and use of social networks
  • Web positioning courses with Adwords and Adsense

All these competences can greatly boost a professional sales profile, since they allow you to take advantage of the immense reach of the web. However, there are those who wonder if online courses really have a professional impact.


Do online training courses serve?

online training

There is a prejudice about online courses. Some believe that they do not serve much and that employers do not take them into account. However, this is not true and there are many companies that value this type of online training. Online training courses allow access to continuing education, deepen and develop new knowledge. Although by themselves they cannot guarantee us a job in the field, if we complement it with work experience we will probably achieve what we are looking for.

In addition to being short and less expensive than a university career, they allow you to train permanently. There are some that have a moderate cost and others are free. When choosing we have to take into account certain issues.

Recommendations on free training courses

If we are going to opt for free courses, we should know that not everyone has the same job opportunities or the same quality. Some points to keep in mind.

  • Certification : there are free courses of all disciplines, on the web and face-to-face. What we have to keep in mind when we look for a course is that at the end they give us some certification. Otherwise, we cannot verify the experience in front of an employer.
  • Quick courses to work : there are courses that have more work opportunities than others. For example, if what we want is to find a fast job, it is best to direct our training to the IT sector or services. But this does not mean that we have to devote ourselves to programming or work as English teachers, but we can take advantage of these skills to complement our work in another area.
  • Free language courses : knowing a language opens many job doors and these courses never go out of style. English is the language most requested by employers and there are many online trainings to start learning it. The important thing is that at the end we obtain a certification that guarantees our training.

If we do not find a free one that meets our requirements, we can always find one within the paid offer. In the case of not being able to cover the fee, we can always use a personal loan to help us open professional doors.

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How to apply for a personal credit Sat, 19 Oct 2019 07:02:34 +0000 A personal loan is the form of financing most commonly used to cover specific needs in the short or medium term, but how to apply for a personal loan? What should I consider?

When applying for personal loans, you must take into account the parameters established to grant them, for example: the repayment terms and the interest rate.

If you decide to request a personal loan from a bank you will require certain supports that give the bank security that you will cancel the requested amount. This security is associated in the form of personal guarantees provided by some assets, either in the form of real estate or transferable assets (personal property or assets), fixed income investment instruments such as bonds or variable income investment instruments such as shares or derivatives.


Personal bank loans are good for financing

Personal loans

For example: partial improvements and home decorations; purchase of household and personal use equipment (appliances, power plants, water pumps, technological equipment, among others); travel, tour packages, air tickets; social events (marriage, baptism, graduation); and specialized studies (postgraduate, diploma, courses, among others).

Almost all personal loans are made with an interest rate involved, this means that those who request the loans pay a certain percentage of the principal amount to the lender as compensation for the loans. The interest rate can be fixed or variable.

But you can not only request a personal loan from a bank. We invite you to discover other options. Always remember that the amount of money you can borrow will depend on the entity chosen and your ability to pay.


Loans for people without pay stubs with Loan Trustworthy

Loans for people without pay stubs with Loan Trustworthy

If just thinking about the processes and the amount of papers to submit for a loan runs out, we have excellent news: you can apply for personal loans with Loan Trustworthy in the fastest way. You do not need to have a previous account, nor the cumbersome paperwork. At Loan Trustworthy we think about making your life easier and more comfortable, because we understand your needs.

We offer you the option of requesting loans without paycheck. How is this possible? You will only need to present official receipts from other sources of income, providing greater openness for access to credit, or other periodic income such as pensions, research grants and fixed income are valid.

Do not wait more. Make your projects a reality by requesting a personal credit without a salary receipt at Loan Trustworthy and avoid the usual bureaucratic limits.

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Compare the best guarantee offers for your loan Fri, 20 Sep 2019 14:00:37 +0000

Credit insurance with other loan insurance

Credit insurance with other loan insurance

By using the comparator insurance credit which is available on our site, you compare in just 2 minutes many insurance offers issued by the largest insurers and can receive quotes of your choice and select the contract being the most advantageous for you.

It’s a safe bet that the insurance contract we are negotiating for you is much more interesting than that of your bank. So do not hesitate to make a comparison and ask for your quote!

Compare the insurance offer Gizamuns borrower with the best insurance contracts to submit an offer equivalent to the bank that gives you your mortgage and put in place a successful contract and cheaper!

Benefit from privileged conditions and a negotiated low rate allowing you to considerably lighten the cost of your credit insurance compared to the credit insurance proposal issued by the lending institution. You can save thousands of euros on the overall cost of your mortgage!

Loan insurance Gizamuns

Loan insurance Gizamuns

Founded on July 1st, 2008, Gizamuns is a subsidiary of Groupsamas, which distributes by Internet, in exclusivity, a complete range of insurance products: car insurance, home insurance, complementary health, accident insurance, dog and cat insurance.

In collaboration, they had launched a loan insurance offer including traditional guarantees, with reimbursement of the credit in the event of death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, incapacity for work and disability.

Optimize your mortgage with individual credit insurance

Optimize your mortgage with individual credit insurance

The lagoon law of 2010 offers you the possibility to choose your borrower insurance contract: the bank can no longer impose your group insurance. By contacting broker to find the cheapest deal that will save you the most on your mortgage, you make sure you get a negotiated contract at the best price/quality ratio, offering you a protection perfectly adapted to your needs and your situation.

Even if you are currently covered by the loan insurance contract of your bank, with the Mahon law, you are entitled to terminate it, during the first year, to replace it with a cheaper and more suitable solution. The only condition is that the level of guarantee is at least equivalent.

We propose you to take note of the insurance offer borrower that we have negotiated for you and to receive our advice for you to optimize your mortgage and make savings!


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Comparative Loan Insurance with the best deals on the market Sun, 15 Sep 2019 14:14:35 +0000

A loan insurance delegate cheaper?

A loan insurance delegate cheaper?

Founded in 1938 in the Lyonnaise region, the Apecal group is one of the leading French specialists in complementary social protection. Resulting from the metallurgical association of foresight (AMP), Apecal is the leader of complementary health, complementary retirement and providence in the Rhône-Alpes region. The group benefits from a national network distributed in cities such as Paris, Marseille, Montpellier, Dijon. In 2008, Apecal launched a new website allowing its users to simulate a quote request or subscribe to an online health contract.

Choose freely on external loan insurance

Choose freely on external loan insurance

Since the implementation of the Cogilaw Company in September 2010, you are free to take out the loan insurance of your choice without the bank being able to oppose it if the level of guarantee of the external loan insurance contract is equivalent to that of the group contract she offers you.

Make the best choice by comparing Apecal loan insurance

Make the best choice by comparing Apecal loan insurance

The online comparison of insurance offers from several insurers will allow you to choose the cheapest contract that best meets your expectations. By playing the competition, you will enjoy the protection that will be the most advantageous.

By using the services of a broker, you will save time in your process of finding the best offer and will be able to choose your contract among the offers he has negotiated. The Mary brokerage firm can get you the best price for your Apecal loan insurance.

Enjoy the Act Cogilaw Company Insurance for Loan

The Cogilaw Company is transparent information as well as freedom of choice for borrowers, thanks to the prohibition on banks to impose their home insurance policy. Obligation of banks:

  • Acceptance of the loan insurance delegation if the contract offers equal guarantees
  • Indication of the reasons for the refusal of the external borrower guarantee
  • Prohibition to change credit conditions in case of individual guarantee choice

Impose your choice thanks to the Fercum Law

Impose your choice thanks to the Fercum Law

  • The Fercum scheme clarifies the relationship between credit institutions and consumers. “Loan/insurance linked sales” are now prohibited
  • The bank can have sanctions if it does not respect the law

How to contract a credit insurance delegation contract

  1. Perform your simulation using the online calculation tool
  2. Receive a loan insurance offer (email/sms)
  3. Contact an expert broker to establish an offer
  4. Subscribe to the contract within 24 hours (without health problem)


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Loan Insurance: Comparative with the Pascinto offer Tue, 27 Aug 2019 13:53:53 +0000

Founded in 1997, Pascinto is a company specializing in the marketing of insurance solutions for businesses and individuals. Thanks to a diversified distribution network, the company is actively present on the Gabonese market and offers a wide range of products adapted to the needs of the market.

Pascinto Loan Insurance: Borrower Guarantee

Pascinto Loan Insurance: Borrower Guarantee

The company is qualified to assess the risks of its customers, advise, insure, protect.

Solutions offered to businesses and individuals are:

  • business multi-risk insurance, individual accidents,
  • car insurance, home insurance, transportation, illness.

Protect yourself with Pascinto loan insurance

Protect yourself with Pascinto loan insurance

You do not have to subscribe to the bank’s group insurance contract to guarantee your loan and can opt for individual insurance with the insurer of your choice. By playing the competition, you can benefit from insurance cheaper and / or more suitable than group insurance.

Compare Pascinto loan insurance

By using a free loan insurance comparator online, you will find the most advantageous insurance offers on the market and will be able to make a request for quotes from several insurers in just a few clicks.

By contacting a broker specializing in loan insurance, you will be offered negotiated offers tailored to your needs. Get the best price with the broker specialist in individual external loan insurance!

  • Quality guarantees by the company recognized by the banks
  • Loan insurance record managed in 24 hours to save time and money
  • Tools adapted to be responsive: Immediate price online via our comparator
  • Offer Loan Insurance , to meet any guarantee request

Pascinto: Real Estate Cogilaw Company

Clearer information from the banker, the Cogilaw Company today allows freedom of choice for borrowers, thanks to the possibility of contracting a loan insurance delegation.

Pascinto: Fercum real estate law

Render a quote using the comparator insurance loan, find the best deal and use the law Fercum to impose your choice of insurance to your banker!

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Payday loans and financing. Sun, 04 Aug 2019 14:17:47 +0000


Movia is the financial company of the Midliabank Group and has been dealing with consumer credit since 1960.

Movia offers its customers a wide range of financial solutions to meet all needs: specific and payday loans, installment credit cards and salary or pension salary.

Movia has 158 direct branches and more than 1,300 employees, as well as having established 100 partnership agreements with banks, insurance institutions and companies in the distribution sector, to make its presence widespread throughout the national territory. Movia customers are currently 2.3 million and loans disbursed are close to 10 billion euros.



Movia payday loans are flexible and configurable depending on the client’s needs, as in the case of Movia Easy. Those who want to make installment payments flexible can subscribe to Movia Total Flex or Movia Jump; Movia Leggero and Movia Young, on the other hand, are designed for those who want a mini-deal at the start of the loan, while Cora Tonka is characterized by a certain installment and Don Qikate to remember. Finally, Movia Unica is the optimal solution for those who have other financing in progress.
The sale of the fifth, on the other hand, is a personal loan reserved for public sector employees, state or private and pensioners. The loan installment will be debited directly in the pay slip or on the pension slip and retained by the employer or social security institution who will pay the creditor. The amount of the installment will be, at most, one fifth of the monthly income. The loan with fifth assignment is granted in a short time and paid by check or credit on the current account.

The products described refer to the products offered by individual partners; not all products offered by the single partner are available on Don Qikate



Among the cards offered by Movia we find MoviaPay Account & Card, a card with IBAN that allows the holder to have all the main services provided by a current account. The card allows you to withdraw cash, make payments online and in physical stores, house utilities, credit your salary and arrange and receive bank transfers. In addition to the MoviaPay account and card, Movia also offers two credit cards, MoviaPay Flex and MoviaPay Gold, depending on

We ask our users to evaluate the service based on its accessibility, functionality and simplicity. The figure reflects the evaluations given by web users, who have not necessarily received the evaluated service. Don Qikate does not change the evaluations of individuals and does not limit their expression.

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Credit Insurance – Comparative Borrower’s Guarantees with Covéa Risk Sat, 03 Aug 2019 13:51:14 +0000



Compare your insurance Covea Risks with the best offers

Compare your insurance Covea Risks with the best offers

A subsidiary of the AMM group, Covea Risks specializes in the insurance of companies, professionals and individuals. The group offers tailor-made insurance packages for all personal insurance needs.

Unlock the cheapest protection with the underwriter

Unlock the cheapest protection with the underwriter

Its offer makes it possible to present a global solution on the protection of goods and people. With its experience, Covea Risks is the 3rd largest insurance group in Metropolitan France. For individuals, professionals, businesses, communities and associations, Covea risks is a multi-specialist mutual insurance group.

Customized insurance coverage with Covea Risks?

The group insurance contract of the bank is often not the most suitable for the situation of the borrower. By opting for an individual insurance external to the bank, you will benefit from guarantees established according to your individual borrower profile and will thus be better covered!

Pay less with an individual loan insurance

Pay less with an individual loan insurance

If you are young and healthy, you can get loan insurance at a much better rate than the bank’s group contract. The choice of a delegation of insurance can indeed allow you to save up to 20 000 euros on the total cost of a mortgage.

By using a loan insurance broker, you can optimize your credit through the choice of an individual loan insurance. The broker Arthur can negotiate for you the best tariffs of the market.

Loi Lagarde real estate loan + insurance

The law allows the ban to banks to impose their insurance “house”, they must now:

  • Accept loan insurance delegation if the contract includes equivalent guarantees
  • Clearly show the reasons for a refusal of outsourced assurance delegation
  • Do not increase the loan rate in case of a delegated individual insurance

Murcef law loan real estate + insurance

  • The Murcef device is the ancestor of the Lagarde law, and aims to simplify the relationship between the bank and the borrower, the “loan-related sales / loan insurance” are prohibited as loan insurance.
  • The bank can no longer impose an increase in the credit rate if you choose the delegation of insurance.

Make a quote request using the insurance comparator loan and find the best credit insurance contract to guarantee the coverage of your loan!


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Loans for young people, here are the possibilities offered Thu, 18 Jul 2019 03:16:06 +0000

If you are a young person and you want to realize a dream and apply for a loan to buy a car, to finance your education and / or professional training or for any other activity, discover the solutions proposed by Molly Bloom that best suit your personal needs. for a critique

Personal loans: how do they work?

Personal loans: how do they work?

More and more banks and financial companies are able to provide loans or solutions designed for credit customers in the 18 to 70 age range .

Young people are notorious for representing a rather risky class of consumers for the banking channel : employment conditions and the labor market are critical and, moreover, solid earnings guarantees are lacking such as to consider them as reliable subjects.

Credit solutions 

Credit solutions 

However, to meet the demands of even the youngest, Molly Bloom proposes several credit solutions that prove to be really interesting:

  • the classic personal loan , which can be requested for the purchase of any consumer goods, to renovate a home or even just to have some liquidity. In personal loans, the installments are constant and the repayment has a fixed interest rate. Thanks to the partnerships stipulated with the most important banking institutes, Molly Bloom is able to offer multiple solutions from 1500 to 100 thousand euros, with a duration of 12 to 120 months.
  • the flexible loan , made available thanks to a special agreement with ABC. With this type of loan, which is particularly convenient, you can skip or postpone an installment or change the amount to be paid or the duration of the loan;
  • financing proposals for SMEs , which can help young people who want to start or grow new businesses. Thanks to the intermediation of Molly Bloom’s consultants, you can obtain mortgages or leases at advantageous and above all transparent conditions. With this proposal, young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to succeed in developing their business by opening it to new market prospects.

Therefore, the proposals are not lacking. Contact a Molly Bloom consultant today and find the conditions best suited to your needs.

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