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Alice Tjaden rushed to pick up her camera late Sunday, keen to capture an image of a furry something resting on a retaining wall at the bottom of its hill overlooking the Mississippi River.

The evening sky made the creature hard to see, but there was just enough daylight left to make out a beige coat, white and black mutton chops, a white belly, and spotty paws. Using Photoshop, Tjaden was able to brighten the image, revealing piercing yellow eyes and pointy, bushy ears.

It was not a fox, as her husband, Herb, had initially predicted. It was a lynx.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Tjaden said Tuesday from the back patio of his Burlington home above his sloping back yard.

Bobcats are native to Southeastern Iowa, but they are notoriously shy and rarely seen, which is why Tjaden was doubly surprised to see the big cat languish in one spot the next morning with daylight on him. allowing to admire and photograph the features of the majestic cat in full view.

“He / she was handsome,” Tjaden said.

Hearing the sound of Tjaden’s camera shutter, the cat, whom Tjaden calls Bob, left his post.