Here is a tax calculator that helps you calculate taxes after donating


oi-Sunil Fernandes


India’s first integrated payment solutions platform exclusively for NGOs has launched an interactive tool, its Donation Calculator, for you to calculate taxes after your donations.

You can use the donation calculator to determine the ideal amount of your donations and the resulting taxes
savings. The calculator calculates an individual’s tax savings and annual and monthly income
donate amounts based on their total annual income, aspirational giving levels and taxation

So as you sit down at the end of this fiscal year for your tax planning and do your
personal investment decisions, don’t forget to donate and also make a social investment.
Social investments not only provide a tax advantage, but also help you make the world a better place

You can claim deductions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act for contributions made to
certain relief funds and charities. You can claim 100% or 50% deductions depending on
which charity/fund you are donating to.

Dhaval Udani, CEO of DanaMojo, said, “While most people give kindness from their
heart, it is important for individuals to understand that they can save money for their
philanthropic efforts and make giving a constant habit. Our calculator allows them to set a
annual or monthly objective and to apprehend these savings at the end of the financial year.
This powerful tool is a must have for all Indian citizens which will allow them to save on taxes while
give more to the causes that matter most to them. The platform allows full privacy as it does
do not request or store personally identifiable information.

DanaMojo also recently launched a Giving Marketplace, making it a complete solution
supplier to NGOs and individuals.

DanaMojo is India’s first integrated payment solutions platform for NGOs that offers a holistic approach
solution, reducing the overall cost, time and effort for NGOs while supporting their goal of
increase in donations.