Income tax 2022: How to retrieve last year’s tax return receipt?

With the receipt number, it is possible to set up the patch and follow the progress of the process online. You can redeem the receipt in three different ways:

If you are using the same computer as last year’s statement to complete this year, when you open the software version used to complete and submit the statement The system itself reports the receipt number. You can also print the receipt to keep it on paper.

In all cases, The data is saved on the hard drive of the computer that was used to send the license. just enter Program files and find the program folder for tax authority.

The IRS does not provide copies of receipts for delivery of statements by email or telephone service. However, it can be obtained from Virtual Taxpayer Service CenterAnd and e-CAC. To access it, however, the taxpayer must already have a digital certificate or a pre-generated access token.

If, by these two means, the taxpayer is not able to recover the previous receipt, he only has to seek personally tax authority. To find the nearest Taxpayer Services Unit, simply check the agency’s website. See list of units.

The IRS advises taking a flash drive so the digital copy can be saved. If the taxpayer forgets, It is possible to print on site, but there is a charge.