Laurelvale’s dog plays role in series finale of BBC show Everybody Loves – Armagh I

This is the TV show that has captivated the country for weeks – and it made the debates, the news and the newspapers!

And you can’t go on social media without seeing comment after comment and – until last night (Sunday) – theory after theory.

It is, of course, Line of Duty.

Now the big reveal and the ending of Series Six has aired on the BBC and there has been a mixed reaction as well.

But the series finale had a very special cameo of a Laurelvale resident – four-legged resident, Harvey.

Don’t mind your little donkey Ted, of course what about that big dog?

And what a handsome guy he is.

Owner Lynn Conn, speaking to Armagh I, said the family – especially the five children – were “ecstatic” to see their big TV star steal the show at the end of the series.

“We all watched it,” she said. “And to tell you the truth, I was so busy looking for Harvey that I couldn’t tell you much about the ending.”

“Everyone was saying they were disappointed with the ending but it was a good show overall, you can’t hit it. We won’t miss it now – it was our Sunday night favorite.

She added, “Our friends were sending us these messages about people who put him on Twitter, that the best thing about the show ending was the lovely Golden Retriever – it was so sweet.”

“We all really enjoyed the show and were delighted – ecstatic – Harvey was able to participate. It made it even more exciting to watch him. All of our kids were super excited – Harvey got the star treatment on Sunday night.

While this may be unique for Harvey, it has turned out to be an absolute natural.

Lynn explains how he landed his role.

“A friend of mine is his dad who would do all the animals for TV shows like Game of Thrones and the like; she told me the show looked like a Golden Retriever… the directors loved her and that was really it.

“We took Harvey to the set, but because of Covid we couldn’t stay and watch, we just had to go and come back for him. The crew told us it was absolutely fantastic; no one could believe he hadn’t done it before.

Whether you enjoyed the ending or not, it’s hard not to have liked Harvey’s cameo …

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