Line of Duty star Martin Compston attacks Scottish Tories over SNP vote

Actor Martin Compston, who plays anti-corruption officer Steve Arnott in the hugely popular BBC drama Line of Duty, is caught up in a Twitter row with the Scottish Conservative Party.

Despite or playing with a convincing southern accent of English Course of action, Mr. Compston is actually Scottish.

At a recent online rally, he urged Scots to vote for the SNP. At the event, he said: “The future of Scotland is in your hands. Don’t leave it to chance. The only way to ensure we re-elect Nicola Sturgeon as Prime Minister is to return the two SNP votes. ”


After Mr Compston urged voters to join the SNP, Scottish Conservative MP Murdo Fraser tweeted: ‘Another’ celebrity ‘who doesn’t live here tells us how to vote. Mr. Compston lives in Las Vegas with his wife Tianna Chanel Flynn, an actress.

However, in a Jed Mercurio-esque plot twist, Mr Compston hit back, saying he still pays’ the highest tax ‘in Scotland and’ always ha[s]. Not through a business as is my right and that would greatly reduce my tax. I think those who earn a little more should pay a little more, ”he said.

Compston also has an apartment in his native Greenock, which allows him to be closer to his parents.

The letter of the law

Compston also slammed the criticism he received on Twitter with a photo of a letter he received from the Scottish Conservative Party urging him to vote Conservative.

He said: “I see Twitter Scottish Tory and their rabid robots as an actor voices an opinion.

“Apparently that’s not valid either because they claim I don’t live here.” In that case, could you do me, the postman and the environment a favor and stop sending me material to ask for my vote.

He has been joined by other celebrities to support the SNP, including actor Brian Cox.

SNP MSP Mhairi Black said at the online event: “I want to thank Martin and all the actors, writers, musicians and cultural figures who have supported the SNP in this crucial election.”

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