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MUSCATINE, Iowa, December 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – UltimateTax Online Unveiled New Update to its Industry Standard comparative table of professional tax software. Each year, the table provides tax preparers with invaluable product research results, helping them make the right software choice for their tax practice.

Professional tax software has the ability to process a high volume of tax returns for a tax preparation business. Every tax preparer faces a key business decision in determining which software product to purchase. With so many choices available, a tax preparer has the challenge of researching a wide range of software options.

The UltimateTax Online table is a time-saving resource for tax professionals faced with such a purchasing decision. The graph allows you to compare products at a glance. For each software solution, the chart displays its price, key features, and supported return types. The software product capsule reviews provide an additional level of detail.

The latest version of the chart takes a look at 17 popular tax preparation software products including ATX, CrossLink, Drake Tax, CCH ProSystems fx, Federal Direct Tax, Intuit ProSeries, MyTaxPrepOffice, Olt Pro, TaxAct, TaxSlayer, TaxWise, UltimateDR, UltimateTax 1040 and UltraTax.

A fair and balanced comparison of professional tax software products

The 2021 update to the UltimateTax Online table will guide software purchasing decisions as tax offices look into the 2022 tax season. To use the resource, a tax preparer can take a look at the comparison table to quickly eliminate options that don’t meet their expectations for software features or pricing.

Then, the tax preparer can consult the capsule reviews that follow. These reviews detail the most exemplary features of each professional tax software. They summarize key information about the strengths and weaknesses of each software solution.

UltimateTax Online product reviewers tested each product for ease of use, efficiency, user experience, platform uptime, information security, customer support, and return validation capabilities.

With Update 2021, the UltimateTax team continues to deliver fair and balanced reviews of the professional tax software options listed. The comparison of professional tax software is in its third year of existence. During this time, the chart has been very well received by tax preparers who have used it as a guide.

Reviews are based on product demos, company statements, sales materials, and consumer reviews. A number of software vendors have provided product updates directly. The UltimateTax team has also accepted feedback from readers online. The team incorporated several fixes and reader suggestions in the latest chart update.

The 2021 Professional Tax Software Comparison Chart provides a useful starting point for the preparer researching professional tax software solutions before making a key business purchase. Learn more about

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