The weekend ends with the return of summer, the rain is coming – NBC Boston

New England enjoyed glorious weather this weekend. Temperatures are just reaching mid-highs and our dew points have given it the special touch that calls for fall vibes. Low 80s and upper 70s along sunny skies are the perfect combination for enjoying the outdoors.

Ice cream, a walk in the park, fishing, grilling, boating, paddling or shopping at your favorite stores during this tax-free weekend – you name it… it’s all “GO”.

These beautiful temperatures will stretch to see cooler numbers by Wednesday. A midsummer high of 70…we will see those midweek lows of 70 as a coastal low increases the chance of showers and increased cloud cover. Winds will also pick up gusts near or above 30 mph by then. It will keep choppy seas but beneficial rains that our land now craves.

With our latest drought monitor classifying Boston in extreme drought…the need is real. So we’ll be crossing our fingers to see this rain inland rather than over ocean waters, as the depression is now closing in on our shores. This will extend the chance of rain for eastern New England to around 70%, Connecticut to 50% and New Hampshire to 80%. Those same chances of rain will center on Maine by Thursday. After that, we’ll see a warm-up in the 80s move again by the end of the week into next weekend.