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Can you apply for help to reduce your water bills if you have Universal Credit?

Water bills are rising – but you can seek help to reduce them if you’re on Universal Credit.

Low-income families can join the WarerSure program to save hundreds of pounds on their bill each year.

If you apply for universal credit or a number of other benefits, you may be able to cap your water bill.

To benefit from the program, you must already have installed a water meter and prove that you must use a lot of water.

You must also have at least three children under the age of 19 living in the house and receiving child allowance for them.

Or, you must prove that you have a medical condition for which you need extra water.

Providers cap the cost of water bills under this program at the average household bill charged by your water company.

Ask your own provider what programs they have or check out CCW’s summary of the various aids available.

Many water companies offer help to customers who can’t afford to pay their bills – find yours here.

The exact help you can get and who is eligible will depend on your provider.

Some suppliers might agree to reduce or erase your debt if you are having trouble paying your water bills.